My Baby Abroad

1st time mom living in the Caribbean

My Pregnancy

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant.  That means I am in the home stretch before baby boy (no name yet) makes an appearance. I am excited to meet him but now also nervous of the delivery as well as taking... Continue Reading →

Michaela is turning Two

Heading to the pool here in Trinidad.  Way cooler than Mommy. I still cannot believe another year has gone by.  I also cannot believe how much she has changed since turning one. I feel as though the changes, not only... Continue Reading →

Living as an Expat

We just got back from a 2 week holiday in Ireland a couple of weeks ago.  We are just adjusting our lil routine of things back here in Trinidad. I am more than appreciative that we have the opportunity we... Continue Reading →

Attached to…

When Michaela stopped nursing at 13 months she became very attached to her bottle.  If I gave her a bottle anytime she would take it.  She was obsessed.  Fast forward to now and all of a sudden the 4-5 bottles... Continue Reading →


When Michaela turned 1 we began to see some tantrums.  They were little and few and far between.  And now that is she is 21 months old they are getting more frequent and more aggressive. Wanted to go outside but... Continue Reading →

It’s a……..

I am currently 19 weeks along and all is well.  Two weeks ago at my doctor's appointment she did a scan and we found out the sex! It's normal in Ireland to not find out.  Most of the people I... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie

I love shepherds pie and when I started eating more vegetarian meals I still wanted to eat it.  I just substitute meat for a meat alternative. I make my own sauce for the gravy which may not be vegan or... Continue Reading →


I am so sorry that I have been away from my Blog for the past couple of month.  I sincerely apologize. In January my parents came to Port of Spain to visit and it was wonderful.  I was so happy... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy loss

I write this with a heavy heart as I have recently suffered one.  This topic is so difficult for many but it is something I really believe as women we should talk about. Michaela and the first time I saw... Continue Reading →

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