Lets start from the beginning, but I will make it quick.

I met me husband, Liam (who is Irish), in Canada in 2008.  We moved from Canada to Ireland in 2013. We then moved from Ireland in Jamaica in 2014 when I got pregnant.  We then had our Daughter in Jamaica on August 12, 2015.  We then moved from Jamaica to Port of Spain, Trinidad in June 2016 where we reside currently.

38045_529341761022_4193761_nThis was us a few months after we started dating…..we were pretty much babies!

In Canada I was event planner for a not-for-profit for about 3 years.  I absolutely loved it.  When we had to move to Ireland I had a hard time finding work.  I worked as a waitress at a hotel then I was a temp doing admin work at a Pharmaceutical company in Dublin.  That is when my husband was offered a job in Caribbean and we jumped on the opportunity.

Jamaica was an interesting transition.  Very different world but I was glad it was hot.  It was nice to be working in the same company as my husband and we would go to the beach or resorts on the weekends and work all week.  I didn’t really love Kingston but I was just glad for the opportunity.

We went to Ireland for Christmas and in December we found out we were pregnant.  I had suffered a miscarriage in February 2014.  We weren’t really trying for a baby but we were still elated.


It was really hard the first 3 months as I had horrible morning sickness and wasn’t fun hiding it at work.  When the 12 weeks hit we told everyone.  And the morning sickness went as I was about 12 weeks.  Thankfully.

March 28th Liam proposed to me while I was in my housecoat and just made my self a cup of tea.  Very romantic.  Ha ha ha

I wasn’t showing until about 5 months into it.  We had just got back from another visit in Ireland when my little belly popped.  Finally felt pregnant, and boy did I love being pregnant.  I loved my belly.  The best thing about being pregnant in Jamaica was wearing bikini’s with a big belly!  Good thing I love the heat!

img_4757In Frenchman’s Cove, Jamaica when I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant.

I finished working at the end of July and August 1st we got married.  I was 9 month pregnant.  My Mom was there as she was going to be for the month so she could be there for the birth.  Liam’s brother and wife came all the way from Ireland.  And our friends came also from Barbados.

It was a very unorganized ceremony and Liam didn’t even have a ring! It also rained like crazy and had a thunderstorm.  It was perfect.

img_7531aFrenchman’s Cove, Jamaica

I was huge!  I loved it!

And 11 days later I had Michaela.

St Andrews Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica

That was the day our lives changed and my new job as a Mom started.  This blog will be about my journey as a Mother and what I have done and what I have learned.

Next post will be the birth.