My first due date was August 14th and then when I went for my dating scan it was moved to August 19th.  And Michaela wanted nothing of their dates and came on August 12th!

Now I was up in the air wither to have the baby in Ireland or Jamaica.  But after some thought before I was unable to fly I decided to have the baby in Jamaica.  Now, anyone I said this to that was from Canada or Ireland would say, “Really?  Do you think its safe?”

What I would say was, “Well, women have been having babies forever.”  I wanted to have a natural birth and I figured it I was willing to have the baby at home (which I was), then I would be able to have it in Jamaica.

The options were, Canada, Ireland or Jamaica.  Canada, I have been living out of the country for more than 2 years at this point which means I would have to move back 6 months before the baby is born to re-apply for my OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan).  And that would mean I was away from Liam for 6 months, not working, and living at home with my parents (or at least looking for a place to live).  And on top of that, Liam, is unable to live in Canada because he overstayed his worker visa and was sent home. So I would be alone but with my parents.

Ireland, would be free because I am married to a national.  But again, I would be living with my husbands parents.  Now, don’t get me wrong, they are absolutely lovely, but I would be in their space.  Again, I would have to leave at 36 weeks because you cannot fly beyond that and I would be away from my husband, and not working as well.

Jamaica, I could work right up till giving birth, if I wanted.  I could be with my husband and my mother could come out and stay with us for a month.  Now, we had to pay for the birth but Jamaica was very inexpensive to have a baby, thankfully.  So Jamaica it was.

I was planning to have an all natural birth so I looked into other pain relief.  I looked online and found Hypnobirthing and that looked like something I could do.  And this lovely woman Lizzie taught it.  She had 3 babies and one had been born in Jamaica in the hospital, one in the UK, and the 3rd born at home in Jamaica.  Long story short it is a way to being hypnotized and breathing to push through the pain.

Now, during the birth it really did help and with Liam, coming to all the classes really took it in and I would have done the epidural if he wasn’t with me.

Now, on August 11th, I was sitting at home with my Mom and I was super tired.  I haven’t been tired at all in my last trimester.  I felt great.  But that day I was tired so I fell asleep for an hour or so in front of the TV.  I also felt a little cramping that day and my Mom was like, I think she’s coming….

That night after dinner around 8pm my husband and I were watching True Detective and I felt my water break.  Now, this was no movie so it was like a peed my pants but involuntary and it didn’t pour out of me it was like a trickle.  Movies lied. My Mom says to me that probably why I napped and that here she comes.

So the contractions start and I think, this isn’t so bad.  They were always like 10 minutes apart.  I never really got a long span.  I called my doctor to tell him my water broke. Now, I know I want to stay at home as long as possible.  We only live like 2 minutes from the hospital.  Around 12pm when they started to get bad.  So I hopped into the shower to get some relief.  And I tried to sleep… ha ha, yeah, I tried to sleep.  Yes, I was naive.  My husband was amazing, giving me messages.  Timing the contractions.  Talking me through it.

Around 2am, I started throwing up and wasn’t able to keep water down.  The pain was so bad.  I’m not going to lie, it was the worst pain I have ever had.  I thought maybe I should wait as long as I can at home.  But by 3:30am I was still getting sick and I was worried I might be getting dehydrated.  So I call my doctor again and he suggested I go in.

Driving to the hospital was fun.  Lies.  Contractions in a car.  Worst. Ever.  Then walking into the hospital.  Ha.  Now, this is no Canadian beautiful hospital.  This looks like a really big house that is needing renovations.  They don’t greet you at the front desk, they don’t have a wheelchair, so I was stopping every few minutes while I waddled to push through my contraction.

st-andrewsSt Andrews Hospital, Jamaica

We get to the maternity ward and I had pre-registered so I thought they would just bring me to my room and as my husband all the questions.  Nope.  They decided to sit me at the front desk and ask me things they could have asked me when I pre-registered bar the couple questions of how close are my contractions, etc.  The hospital itself didn’t look really good, but the staff were lovely and my Doctor was really good and thorough.

They bring me to my room and I settle in.  I had to bring everything including towels, and toilet paper.  Jamaica was also in a drought so we didn’t have running water during the day.  Fun.

By 12pm I was 10cm’s and they called the doctor.  I was just about to give up and say, “Nope, not having this baby.  I’m going home.” I was in so much pain and I turned to my husband and was like, “I can’t do this.” When my Husband was like, “Remember Lizzie said that and that means the baby is coming.”  He was right.  Our Hypnobirthing teacher had said she did that with all 3 deliveries.

A little bit about my Hypnobirthing experience. I’m not going to say it made it pain free.  Maybe I needed to practise a little more.  However, I can say it prepared my Husband really well.  He was my support and my partner.  He helped me through the pain and I never yelled at him.  He knew what to do for me.  He reminded me when the contraction was halfway through, he breathed with me.  He rubbed my back for 16 hours.  He talked me though it he motivated me.  All when he was on absolutely no sleep.  He was at work at 7am on the 11th and I had Michaela at 1pm the next day.  He stayed awake the whole time.  He is the best husband and father.

So I really recommend Hypnobirthing.  It worked for us and I found it helpful.  Especially if you plan on a natural birth.  Lizzie was a great teacher and really became my friend.  She was real and I appreciated all that she taught us.


Back to the birth, I walked to the delivery room and I as was pushing for an hour or so and was completely exhausted, a crying hot mess.  The baby was faced the wrong way as in her face was sunny side up and not easy over.  Every time I pushed she would come down then slide back up.  The Doctor used the vacuum to get her out.  The force he used as well.  It popped off her head and he went flying back.  He gave me an episiotomy and I tore.  How, I don’t even know.  But after an hour and half of pushing she was out.

It was crazy.  I made a human.  A little person.  I was elated.


Now on to the hard stuff.  Actually making sure this little person is healthy and happy.