I decided to try a new recipe the other day and it was a hit with my husband!

I was on Pinterest and found this recipe and decided to give it a try.  Now, I know when I find something online like this I will most likely have to find alternatives to the list of ingredients, because living in either Jamaica or Port of Spain it can be hard to find most things.   Thankfully I was able to find most of the ingredients them this time!

You will need:
Panko breadcrumbs
Green Onion

For the Sauce:
Orange Juice
Low sodium Soy Sauce (which I couldn’t find so I used regular)
Corn Starch

First things first, I bought some local cauliflower and washed it in vinegar and cut it to small pieces.  So they are easy to bite.  The local cauliflower is very small so I bought two and I didn’t get much.  It was actually perfect for one dinner for Liam, me and Michaela.  When it came to the recipe I didn’t really follow it to the T.
I then dipped the cauliflower in the egg and put it in a dish with the Panko crumbs until they were covered.  I placed them on a baking sheet with parchment paper.  It was a little time consuming and messy.  Then I put them in our toaster oven for 15-20 mins.*

*side note: our oven is broken at the moment that is why all my baking is in the toaster oven.

While the cauliflower was baking I made the sauce.  Which was super easy.  I just threw in all the ingredients except the water and cornstarch which is for the end.

Now I probably wouldn’t put as much sugar in as I really don’t think you need a 1/4 of a cup.  This time I followed the recipe but I will probably only put in 2 tbsp or so next time. It was very sweet.

I also only put in a small amount of the Sriracha as I don’t like spice too much and I could still get a little heat in it but it was nice.


After 20 minutes or so.  I took the Cauliflower out and in the recipe it said is should be browned but my toaster oven isn’t the best so I figured this would do.  Plus I could only find the whole wheat panko crumbs which I was happier with.


The finished product!  I just poured the sauce over the cauliflower and I served it with some pineapple fried rice which I didn’t record in photos.  They were nice together.  I would say the fact that I couldn’t get green onions kinda sucked.  It would be a nice touch with the cauliflower.  Either way they were delicious!