My husband travels for work sometimes and after moving to Trinidad he had to go to Barbados (I know tough eh?).  He would be at work and I would go for a walk and get breakfast.  There was this little place and I ordered their pumpkin fritters and they were to die for!  I have been looking for a similar recipe since.

Pumpkin is plentiful and inexpensive in the Caribbean.  I use it often when I cook.  This recipe is easy and pretty good.

First I cut up the pumpkin and placed them on a baking sheet with a little coconut oil.  I baked them for about 25 mins because they were in little cubes and bake easily.

In a bowl I put in the flour, baking powder, curry powder and I put in sugar.  I think next time I will sweeten with honey or maple syrup.  I prefer the sweeter fritters to savoury. I also didn’t put in the salt.  I generally don’t use salt.

Next I puréed the pumpkin with a little water.  I added it to the flour mixture.  It was like pancake batter.  Not too thick.

I dropped spoonfuls into the veggie oil.  Again, I probably wouldn’t use vegetable oil and use coconut instead.

I cooked them for a couple minutes till they were brown all over.  Once cooled I cut into smaller cubes for Michaela to eat.

In the future I am going to see if I can get a baked recipe for Michaela as I don’t want her eating too a lot of fried foods already.


I served her lunch with watermelon that I picked the seeds out (can’t get seedless in Port of Spain) and greek non-fat plain yogurt.


I’d say she enjoyed her lunch. 🙂