My husband always jokes about how much I get to nap during the day.  He also wishes I could be the one working and he could be the one to stay home and play with Michaela all day.  Play. Ha

There are some days where I honestly don’t do much, but most days I am doing something wither it is laundry, cooking, going to play groups, grocery shopping or cleaning.

I remember when Michaela was a newborn and how much she slept.  I was in a Netflix coma and she was always napping or nursing.  I didn’t leave the couch much.  I even remember when people said how hard they are when they are little like that.  I was always like, what???  Hard???? She sleeps, poops, eats, sleeps.  I could even leave her on the floor on her playmat and have a shower and when I get out she was STILL THERE!!  Oh the good old days.


My typical day looks like this:

6:40am – She awakes…..I pull her into my bed and nurse her lying down
6:55am – I get up and open the blinds, make sure doors are closed, toilet lids are down and no tea cups are in arms reach of Michaela
7:00am – I get breakfast started usually I feed her raisin toast, watermelon or grapes and cheese and I make myself toast and coffee (much needed coffee)
7:15am – We are seated for breakfast and I grab my laptop and put Peppa Pig on so I can play on my phone while she eats and I eat and if I have enough time, I hop in the shower for a 3 minute clean….
7:45am – I clean up her tray, and face and hands, I put the dishes in the sink and notice I have the dishes from dinner the night before….yay me.  Is it nap time yet?
7:50am – I put her with a bottle on a blanket and pillow on the floor and go tackle the dishes
7:55am – She is at my legs while I do the dishes yelling like a banshee.  Is it nap time yet?
8:30am – done the dishes so I grab a load of laundry and throw it on in the washing machine.  I go and fix my face and hair before we head off to baby group.  This is while Michaela is taking toys and shoes and hiding them in the laundry hamper, tub, and garbage can.
8:45am – Organize her baby bag with a lunch (sometimes involves me making lunch not just grabbing her a pre-made one), snacks, bottle and sippy cup.  Make sure I have a change of clothes for her and enough diapers and wipes.
9:00am – Grab Michaela and change her clothes, and diaper and put on her shoes and put her hair in some way because it is always unruly.
9:15am – I normally vacuum the floors so I can mop later.
9:55am – Head to baby group.  If I don’t go to baby group Michaela will nap normally.
12:30pm – Heading home, and as soon as I get in (she eats at baby group) I put her to nap.  Sometimes I am home at 1pm.
12:10pm – I am sitting enjoying lunch or a cup of tea.  Then about 30 mins in I forgot I had a wash on.  I go check on it and throw it in the drying and put on another load.
12:30pm – I figure I have relaxed enough and go mop the floors while she asleep.  Now that means I have to clean up all her toys she has thrown all over the floors.
1:15pm – Floors mopped and now I continue with Netflix till Michaela is awake.
2:00pm – She has woken.  I get her a snack and start to think about dinner.
2:30pm – Realize that I don’t have all the things I need for dinner (this is daily) so I pop Michaela is the stroller and walk to the grocery store.
3:00pm – Start dinner….. it takes a while and we don’t eat meat so I do a lot of cutting and prepping the veggies.
5:30pm – Dinner with the family.  Hopefully Liam is home by that time.
6:00pm – Tidy up and play with Michaela before bed and give her a bottle.
7:15pm – Get her a Wheatabix with warm milk and maple syrup.
7:20pm – Change her into her PJ’s and brush her tooth (yes, tooth, she still only has one)
7:30pm – BEDTIME!! WHOOOO and I tidy up all her toys.
7:40pm – I get to adult now, which includes TV, a cup of tea and a chocolate bar (reese cups)
9:30pm – Our bedtime.  And then I remember the wash.  Yep.  One load dry and another wet.  I’ll do it tomorrow.


I am pretty lucky I have an amazing daughter.  She plays well alone and doesn’t cry much.  I do get my breaks in between my day but I am always doing something.  I also get two days a week without her for a few hours and you know what I do with my time mostly??? Clean. Yes, clean.  I can clean without a crying child around and I can enjoy the tidiness for an hour or so.  It’s the little things ya know?