I found this recipe on Pinterest because I was looking for a new meal that didn’t make as many dishes for myself.  As I am the dishwasher…..

You will need:

Coconut Oil
Soft Tortillas
Red Pepper
Black Beans

Enchilada sauce (I made my own)

I cut all the veggies up and set aside.  Then I put a little coconut oil in the pan and toss in the tortillas to toast a little and put aside as well.

I then put the onions and garlic in the pan with some coconut oil until soft.  I then toss in the peppers and zucchini until soft.  I cover them with a lid to get them all cooked.


I then put in the black beans (I use the ones it the can and I rinse them), same with the corn I used one from a can with low sodium.

Then you toss a handful of cheese and the tortillas and the enchiladas sauce and mix it all together.  I top it with more cheese and the cilantro.


I put this on the table and dig in.  It made enough for about two meals each for Liam, myself and Michaela.  It reheats pretty well.  Again, I don’t use a microwave but I put it in the toaster over in a covered pan with a little water below in a baking tray.  It takes about 20 mins.  I wouldn’t freeze it however, I made a big batch of the Enchiladas sauce and froze portions so I can just use it when needed.