I want to first start off I want to give props to all single parents.  I have no idea how you do it but you do and that is freaking amazing!

A couple weekends ago we all got sick.  I am very lucky this hasn’t happened to us before that.  We have been sick but all at different times and never really bad.  Just a cold mainly.  However, this time it was so hard.  We all got this flu.  She was a breast fed baby so she had a pretty good immune system so she has only had one cold before when she was about 4 months old.  Nothing other than that.  We were lucky.

It started with Michaela getting a little cold on the Thursday.  I didn’t think anything of it.  I even felt a little tickle in the back of my throat but I rarely get sick so I wasn’t too worried.  I was wrong.  So wrong.

Friday morning I felt coldish but fine.  Michaela was snotty and coughing but not too bad.  By the afternoon however, I felt like death.  I was flu-ish.  I felt achy, stuffed up, coughy and nauseated.  I texted my husband I felt like garbage and to see if he could come home.


I felt like a horrible Mom.  I couldn’t do anything for Michaela.  I was trying to change diapers without throwing up and trying to get her food.  She pretty much had to fend for herself and ate way too many puffs.  It’s all I could do.  I was throwing up all day.  Then Liam came home and did his best to mind her.  He came into our  room where I was in bed to ask me a bunch of questions so I didn’t get much rest.  Thankfully by the night I was feeling a bit better but the cold was lingering.

That night Liam got sick.  He slept in the living room and was throwing up in there.  I was just thinking I was glad she didn’t get the flu part of this virus.  I spoke too soon.

The next morning I felt much better and I let Liam sleep in.  I got Michaela her breakfast, toast and grapes and sat with her.  She was gulping down water and I thought, ‘oh my, I must have not given her enough water yesterday.’ She promptly threw up all the water and the grapes.  I have never had her vomit yet.

Thankfully she didn’t change her mood and she was happy out otherwise.  By nightime we were all cuddled on the couch watching TV and holding her with her bottle (almond milk so she doesn’t get more of cough) and she wanted down.  So we let her down.  She went over the wall and stood against it.  We both looked at each other and were like, “that’s weird.  She never does that.”  She then threw up her whole bottle.

She obviously didn’t know what the sensation of feeling sick was.  I’m glad we put her down otherwise it would have been all over us!

By Monday we were back into the swing of things.  I was glad it was over.  I seriously couldn’t have done it without my husband.  Michaela would have been so neglected.  I just kept thinking if I was on my own how could I take care of her while I was so sick?  I am living in a place without any family.  I have only been here since June don’t have really anyone who could help in a situation like that.