I moved away from Canada in 2013 to be with my boyfriend (now husband) in Ireland. Long story short he wasn’t allowed to return back to Canada because he violated his working permit and started his own business (that was successful and employed Canadians).  He was sent to Ireland and I had to pack my life up and move across the water to Ireland.

14238015266_c48f7f4006_zTaken in Co. Mayo Ireland.  I can’t remember the exact name.

I love Ireland.  It is an amazing country.  The people are so friendly and the place in general is beautiful.  Yes, it rains a lot, and I mean a lot, but I was happy to not have to deal with snow and the worst part of winter, slush.  I ruined a many of shoes and boots due to salty slush.

8110253135_2358e7b0e2_zTaken at the Waterworks in Toronto at sunrise.

I love Canada.  It is also an amazing country with so much opportunity.  The people can be friendly when you are outside of Toronto (I grew up in Toronto).  The country is also beautiful and I was so lucky to get to see a lot of it with my job.  I even loved the seasons.  I do think though that winter is waaaaaay too long.  The summers were also my favourite because it not only warm but we could go camping.  I love camping.  I grew up camping every summer since I was 5.

After being out of Canada for almost 4 years I missed a lot of things.  Many weddings, babies and of course they missed me getting married and having a baby as well.  I miss Canada and all my friends and family there and I also don’t miss it.  I love my life.  I am extremely lucky to be able to live in Ireland, Jamaica and now Trinidad.  I never thought in my entire life that I wouldn’t be living in Canada.

I really do believe everything happens for a reason.  At the time Liam wasn’t allowed back into Canada so I packed up all of our things (with the help of my Mother), quit my job, moved back in with my parents and then moved over to Ireland.  I fell in love with Ireland and loved to actually now get to know Liam’s family.  Skype is amazing and it was crazy to think I only ever met them really twice.

24356532236_ba5236f760_zTaken at the Blue Lagoon in Jamaica. 

Then after a year or so we were off to Jamaica.  Now, that was a culture shock.  It really is a beautiful place except where we lived in Kingston.  Kingston has a lot of crime and is really a 3rd world country so I saw a lot of poverty.  It was really heart breaking.

After all the moving around I missed being home in Canada.  I missed a bunch of weddings, and the birth of friends children.  I just missed being around my group of friends.  I don’t think I would ever make the same friendships like I had in Canada because I grew up with them.

img_8194Left to Right: Serena, Christine, Me and Samantha

Top: Martin, Christine Bottom: Christine, Serena Right: Christine

I made a amazing group of girlfriends in Canada and we use to do an annual camping trip.  I really missed seeing them and talking to them all the time.  Now, they have to come to where I am or I see them when I visit Canada.

I also missed being with my family.  This is my parents first grandchild and thankfully my mother was in Jamaica for the birth and the first few weeks of Michaela’s life.  She was the support I really needed in those first weeks and really took care of me so I could take care of Michaela.

It was also my sister’s only niece.  She wasn’t there for the birth like she wanted but she came a week or two afterwards so she could meet Michaela.  She was great to have around as well and was a baby whisperer.

Left to Right: Me, Mike (Stepdad), Mom, Theresa and Michaela.

It’s sad for them to not be around so they could see her grow up and see her milestones.  In a good way though, it made me avid about documenting her life and sharing it on social media so they could see her.  I was lucky enough to set my camera up and get her first steps on video in which I probably wouldn’t have if I was home in Canada.

I know I’m enjoying the opportunities to travel and see a little bit of this world.  I just sometimes wish I could bring my friends and family with me.  Now, they just need to visit me in whatever place our lives take us!