When I was pregnant with Michaela my husband and I discussed if we were going to Baptize Michaela.  Liam, being brought up Catholic in Ireland and myself with no religion at all weren’t really sure what to do.

Liam was impartial and I was more on the side of not doing it.  I wanted her to decide what religion to believe in, if any.  As the months went by we decided to go ahead and get her Baptized.  Mainly because of Liam’s family.  It was important for them and wasn’t as important to me or my husband. And you need to be baptized in order to attend most schools in Ireland still.  Even though we aren’t currently residing in Ireland we will be there when Michaela starts school.

When we went home to Ireland for Christmas and Liam’s sister planned the whole thing. We asked her and her husband to be Michaela’s Godparents.  In December Michaela was baptized. It was actually a really lovely ceremony.  Myself not being religious it was lovely and it was even nicer that it was just the family. Michaela even wore her gown that belonged to her Godfather and he even wore when he was baptized.  This is also his first time being a Godparent.  We were glad to ask him and Louise.

At the church with Michaela’s Godparents.

img_7261Liam’s sister got the cake for us (so delicious) and she makes the most beautiful cards as well.

I’m glad we did Baptize her.  The overall message of her to feel as though she belongs to something as well as being a part of something bigger than herself.  I’m glad she will be able to experience it alongside all her cousins.