It’s been a little while since I posted.  Apologies.  Life took over a little bit, but I am now back!

I have been very lucky since we moved to Ireland to get a little bit of traveling in.  I never in my life thought I would have lived anywhere but Canada.  I was happy in Canada.  I love Canada.  However, when the opportunity arises it had to be taken.  If I never met Liam and moved to Ireland then I would have never lived in Jamaica or Trinidad.

img_1418On our way to the airport in Barbados.

After having Michaela we took our first flight to Ireland when she was 4 months old.  It was amazing.  She nursed and slept.  Hardly any crying at all and I had a few people tell me that they didn’t even know a baby was in the seat.

Even her other big flight from Jamaica to Ireland at 6/7 months she did the same.  Sleep and nurse.

img_8889One of our long haul flights with British Airways from London to Jamaica.

Breastfeeding and flying is the best.  I’m so glad I did it for 13 months.  She would just sleep on any flight we took and we took a lot.  With over 20 flights going to Ireland, England, Canada, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and the US.  Michaela has a lot of traveling under her belt at the age of 16 months.  And we get to travel to our homes or beautiful places.

We even have stayed in a lot of hotels (not all have been great) but she sleeps fine in them except she is in bed with us which means I don’t sleep great now. She moves so much that I worry she will fall out of the bed.

img_8712Enjoying the Bloc Hotel in London in May 2016.

We are going to be flying to Ireland next weekend and I am now a little worried.  First, it is a longer flight from Trinidad than Jamaica and there is another stopover in Barbados. Secondly, I am no longer breastfeeding, which means I need to carry more milk for Michaela.  Thirdly, we have a toddler who likes to walk and get into things and loves to mooch food off of people.  3 things I never dealt with before.

The flight over to Ireland is a night.  So hopefully she sleeps most of the flight.  I will have 3 bottles of milk in case.  The way back in another story, granted it’s 3 weeks from the flight over.  Normally an even longer flight it is also in the afternoon.  I really hope (which is horrible, I know) that she is into TV more and will watch or play games on the tablet.  I am going to make sure I have tons of things we can throw to her in case she wants to run and up down the isles for 13 hours.

img_0457My husband and Michaela napping on our 5hr layover in Houston Airport.

I hope that she stays a good traveler as she has had the practise.  One can only hope I guess.  I will find out soon enough.

Any tips would be appreciated.