Sorry for the lack of posts this past month.  We were in Ireland for Christmas and my parents just visited us in Port of Spain.  Now, back to reality.

We flew from Port of Spain to Ireland on the 17th of December.  I was looking forward to being with family and friends over the holidays.  And maybe some baby free time.  I was also dreading the flights with Michaela being almost a year and half.  When we flew a long flight last time I was still nursing which made it super easy.

I brought 5 bottles with 9 oz of milk for the flight.  The flight from POS to London Gatwick was 9 hours because we stopped in St Lucia.  We were also flying at night so I know Michaela was due to sleep anyways.  Thankfully she did but anytime she woke I would give her a bottle.  By the time we arrived in London we were on our last 2 oz (I have a bottle/milk monster).  We were then delayed about 5 hours in London waiting on our flight to Knock, Ireland.  That I didn’t foresee and it was horrible.  Thankfully again, Michaela is awesome and was happy with her Milk and running around the airport.

We arrived finally and went to my in-laws place for dinner and bed.  The next day Michaela was meeting Santa.  We didn’t bring her last year because we ran out of time and didn’t plan it.
It was a busy 3 weeks and in that we all got a flu, which was fun……. but we got to spend a lot of time with our Nieces and Nephews and I swear Michaela has grown so much since being around them.

The thing I notice about going to Baby/Toddler Groups as an Expat you are around babies that are just being babies.  They aren’t socializing a lot as of yet.  They range from newborn to about 3 when they are in pre-school here.  They are not family.  They play around each other, steal toys, have tantrums.  When you are with your family the kids are just wanting to see their cousin they never get to see.  They hug her, entertain her, play with her, and are all around her at all times.  She absolutely loved it.

img_6771All of the cousins. 

We did a lot of family time which was great.  We ate a lot of food.  And we saw some animals.  Michaela loves animals.  I was surprised to see she moo’d when we saw a real cow.  I am amazed she knew what it was from photos.

img_6796Loving meeting a horse.

We went to some pubs, and did a little site seeing.  All around a wonderful trip and looking forward to our next one.

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