I am so sorry that I have been away from my Blog for the past couple of month.  I sincerely apologize.

In January my parents came to Port of Spain to visit and it was wonderful.  I was so happy to have my family around seeing I spent 3 weeks in Ireland with my other family. Then in February I also had my husbands friends visit and then my friends came for a visit in March.  So I have been putting off doing much of anything.

In February I also found out I am pregnant!


I have had an equally difficult 1st trimester like I did when I was pregnant with Michaela.  However, this time, I had more of the nauseated feeling instead of full blown throwing up all day.  I find that this is more difficult.  I also have a toddler to take care of throughout feeling like garbage.

I feel bad because I have put my full attention for Michaela on the back burner while I have not been myself.  I am losing my temper easier.  I am so very tired.  I am not cooking at all.  I just hand her a bag of goldfish crackers and say have at it.  Poor lil Michaela.

IMG_2825I had the great idea to dog sit while sick.  Michaela loved it though.

Thankfully, she has been wonderful.  It’s like she knows and has been a little easier on me.  And my wonderful husband suggested I hire a cleaning lady till I feel better.  So I did.  That helped immensely.

B1082B6E-0EC6-4868-BBFB-A37DC55E6C24At my 12 week scan.

I am now 14 weeks and starting to feel a little more human now.  I am cooking again. And hopefully now I will start putting on weight instead of losing it.  I went from 135lbs to 126lbs.  I am looking forward to enjoying this 2nd trimester like I did the last time.  I miss food.

I am nervous and excited to be having another wee lil baby.  I know it will be hard but I have a wonderful husband and support system.  Plus, Michaela is going to be an amazing big sister.  She is already rubbing my lil bump and saying baby.