I love shepherds pie and when I started eating more vegetarian meals I still wanted to eat it.  I just substitute meat for a meat alternative.

I make my own sauce for the gravy which may not be vegan or anything.  I use a small container of vegetable broth which is equivalent to 1 cup.  Some tomato paste, and Worcester sauce.  I just put it to taste and sprinkled some oregano.  And I heated till it boils.


I boil some potatoes and I just throw some frozen veggies in my steamer.  I just use a mixed bag of carrots, corn, pea and beans.


In a skillet I put in the ground fake meat.  I buy this kind.  I just cook it along with some diced onions.  Once that is done I pour the gravy mixture on the tofurky meat and onions and cooked veggies together.  I put the mixture on the bottom of the casserole dish.

All the while Michaela is on the floor causing a riot!

Then I drain and mash my potatoes.  I mix with butter and milk and some salt.  Then put the mash on the top of my meat.  And melt some butter on top of the potatoes and use a fork to scratch the top.

I put in the oven at 350 for about 20 mins and the last 5 or so (please watch oven) I put it on broil to toast the top.

This is not as toasted on the top as I normally do but this is definitely a family favourite and Michaela approved.