I am currently 19 weeks along and all is well.  Two weeks ago at my doctor’s appointment she did a scan and we found out the sex!

It’s normal in Ireland to not find out.  Most of the people I know in Ireland don’t find out what they are having.  In Canada most people find out!  I am one of those.  I am way to impatient to wait and find out.  I like to know what I am having as to prepare and get all the colour coordinated clothes and I feel like I bond more.

Being away from family I wanted to find out the same time as us.  So we asked the doctor to not tell us and write it down so we could video tape it and send to our families.  We took a video however, I am not going to share it publicly.  Instead Michaela will announce it!


Thats right! A boy!  I am over the moon excited to have another little one to join our little family.  I am also super nervous as I didn’t really grow up around boys and I am not sure how different it is going to be!

We are most likely having the baby here in Trinidad so I will have a Jamaican and a Trinidadian baby! My lil Caribbean babies.

I also knew from the beginning how different this pregnancy felt and I just knew deep down it was a boy.  I am way more emotional and I had severe nausea instead of my non-stop morning sickness I had with Michaela.

Go team boy!