When Michaela turned 1 we began to see some tantrums.  They were little and few and far between.  And now that is she is 21 months old they are getting more frequent and more aggressive.

IMG_2854Wanted to go outside but I was not ready to go out yet.

She has little fits when I say no or when I ask her to do something she clearly has no interest in.  For example, never, ever, does she want to put PJ’s on.  But when I put the sleep sack over her PJ’s she is happy as can be.

After some discussion my husband and I have a game plan for attack on these crazy tantrums.  Even though a lot of the time I find it so funny, I am trying to contain my laughter.   Please see her in all her glory here: Michaela Tantrum video

IMG_3223Didn’t want to take a selfie with me without her bottle.

At first we tried to ignore her behaviour however now she is trying to hit us or other children so we decided it was time to start time out.

Now I have heard good and bad things about time out but I do believe it the best way for now.  I really would like to give her a quiet time anyways as I would like to incorporate meditation into her lifestyle from an early age because of the benefits of it.  Time out to me is a way to reflect on yourself.

Now, I know at 21 months she is no way doing that.  But in the long term she will.  Right now it is to get her emotions in check and get her calm down.  I want her to be able to control her emotions and release any feelings in a healthy way.

IMG_3032Not happy about potty training.

We have tried it out a couple of times.  Once when she absolutely freaked out when my husband was trying to put on her PJ’s and she was screaming bloody murder.  And another time when I asked her to do something twice and she shouted “No” at me.  Now we just say if you do not listen you will go for a time out and she has stopped what she was doing and behaves.  So far so good.  But the process will continue.