When Michaela stopped nursing at 13 months she became very attached to her bottle.  If I gave her a bottle anytime she would take it.  She was obsessed.  Fast forward to now and all of a sudden the 4-5 bottles a day went down to holding onto her stuffed bunny and sucking on her dodie (pacifier).

IMG_3255Can’t go anywhere without Bunny or as she calls it Munny.

It was so weird.  I went to Toronto to visit family with Michaela and as soon as I got back she was asking for bunny and dodie all the time.

I always put bunny in the bed with her since she was born.  I love the knitted bunny. My friend bought it for Michaela for the baby shower.  And I didn’t find out till after it is a $50 stuffed bunny that I have to now buy a 2nd one because she is so attached to it…… ugh. Smart move on my part.

I also always put a soother in her bed in case she wakes up in the middle of the night and needs some comfort.  And I know I am blame for the attachment.  However it is also a good thing for now because she isn’t asking for a baba (bottle) as much.  She is replacing one vice for another.

I was going to take the bottle and soother away when she turns 2.  But now that we have another one on the way in October should it?  Is it really bad right now?  To me she is still a baby.  And all the changes that come with having a sibling I don’t want her to freak out because everything is gone.

I don’t want the dodie or bottle to ruin her teeth.  Not that she has many (she still has 5 with 3 more on their way).  And the longer we wait to take them the harder it will be? She is down to 2 bottle a day, 1 at nap and 1 at bedtime.  Now she is walking around the apartment with the dodie in her mouth, bunny in her hand.  She asks for both all day and in the car.

Even as soon as she wakes up in the morning or from her nap she wants Munny and Dodie.  Obsessed.

For now I think one thing at a time.  We have weaned the bottles slowly.  Next move her to her big girl bed and then we will work on dodie.

The joys of parenthood.  Taking the little things that they love in their life away.  Ugh.