IMG_4312Heading to the pool here in Trinidad.  Way cooler than Mommy.

I still cannot believe another year has gone by.  I also cannot believe how much she has changed since turning one.

I feel as though the changes, not only physically, but how she is in the world and interactions with the people and things around her has grown so drastically.  She is getting into everything and I mean EVERYTHING!  She climbed up on the table the other day to get to a shelf.  Heart attack.

IMG_1045At the petting zoo in Stouffville Ontario with my family in July 2017.

She is talking very regularly and using 3-4 word sentences.  She understands almost everything we are saying to her and following instructions.  She is super helpful with putting things in the bin, hamper and getting ready for bed.  She is undressing herself and trying to dress herself (with a few tantrums in between).  She is way more interactive when playing which not only makes it enjoyable for her but for me and my husband as parents.  She can count to 3 and is learning ABC and her colours.

Six months ago she was not the same baby.  She is a full blown toddler.  It blows my mind.

IMG_0768Still has very little teeth but they are coming in slowly but surely.

We took our last flight to Toronto in July for my best friends wedding.  It’s the last free flight we are to take which is more sad for me because the cost of a tickets is enough to cry about.  I flew on my own (6 1/2 months pregnant) with a toddler on a 6 hour flight which was delayed in the air for about an hour and half more……..but because she is a flying pro she was amazing and the people around me were amazing and helped me out a lot.


On Saturday she officially turns two.  We have implied potty training, and we want to move her to a big girl bed, and then finally we have to take away the dodie and the bottle.  I’m not ready though.  She’s still my lil baby.  That is until her brother arrives in October.

Also, I get to look forward to more and more of these outbreaks……..


Happy Birthday to my sweet lil girl.